Instruments of Statecraft: U.S. Guerilla Warfare, Counterinsurgency, and Counterterrorism, 1940-1990

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PART ONE: Cold War and Special Warfare

  1. Interest, Intervention, and Containment
  2. Toward a Doctrine of Special Warfare
  3. The Legacy of World War II
  4. Toward a New Counterinsurgency: Philippines, Laos, and Vietnam
  5. Waging Unconventional Warfare: Guatemala, the Congo, and the Cubans

PART TWO: Camelot and Counterinsurgency

  1. The Kennedy Crusade
  2. The Apparatus in the Field
  3. Edward Geary Lansdale and the New Counterinsurgency
  4. The Heart of Doctrine
  5. Counterterror and Counterorganization
  6. Tactical Totalitarianism
  7. The Problem of Ideology

PART THREE: Special Warfare and Low-lntensity Conflict

  1. The Carter Years
  2. Morning in America and the Special Warfare Revival
  3. The Special Forces' Buildup
  4. The Middle East Calls the Shots
  5. Watching the Neighbors: Low-Intensity Conflict in Central America
  6. An Un-American Way of War


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